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Hello and Welcome to Phisco Marketing!

This page is designed to give a brief snapshot of Phisco Marketing, help you to navigate the blog, and stay connected with us!


Service Overview

Phisco Marketing serves small business owners by: 

  • creating marketing strategies and executing those strategies
  • social media strategy and management of your social media accounts
  • one-on-one coaching (for take action entrepreneurs only)
  • crafting content marketing campaigns (via blogging, social media, brochures, etc.)
  • ebooks, ecourse, and digital home study materials in the Biz Shop
  • custom projects you might need.


About the Blog

I blog for people who need to have a clear understanding of how to market their business offline and online using social media. The blog is chock full of info on all things related to social media, blogging, business strategy. networking, being an entrepreneur, and marketing strategy.

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Whether you’re a DIY entrepreneur managing your own marketing, or an employee charged with managing your company’s social media accounts, you can use this blog to figure out what to do and how to do it!  I write in an action-based style; there’s no fluff here, I give you specific action items to do to get results.

Again, welcome to the Phisco Marketing community. I hope you enjoy your time here! Please feel free to connect with me via social media and introduce yourself. If  you would like to chat, I’m just a phone call, email or a tweet away.

Ciao, Miss Kemya


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  1. Just stopping by to say hi! I’m part of your tribe as part of the SITS girls tribe challenge. I’m new-ish and still have lots to learn, and can’t wait to look around more. have a great day. xo

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