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The Super Bowl Is My Billion Dollar Event Marketing Tutor

We’re all familiar with the marketing machine that is the Super Bowl. Have you ever considered taking a page out of the big Super Bowl marketing playbook, scaling it back, and adapting it to your own event marketing practices?

These companies spend billions of dollars for agencies to create and execute all these clever ideas. All these ideas are part of their overall event marketing strategy. Remember, the Super Bowl, for all the hype, is still a sporting event.

Super Bowl XLVII trophy

It’s more than worth the evening spent watching the Super Bowl to get a billion dollar tutorial in marketing and advertising, wouldn’t you agree?

I found a couple great articles that talk about Super Bowl marketing and advertising, and they give insight into the evolution of big brand ad budgets, as well as techniques we can adopt when creating our own event marketing campaigns.

Super Bowl Marketing and Advertising Articles

When reviewing all the hoopla and dollars spent on Super Bowl marketing, read between the lines. There are event marketing lessons to be learned for every small business, such as

    1. The necessity (and benefits) of being socially connected during an event.
    2. The value of viral marketing and storytelling.
    3. Pouring money into one marketing campaign doesn’t always translate into immediate sales, but can still add tremendous value to your brand.

Think outside the box when watching the Super Bowl. Go beyond the surface of entertainment and watch with an entrepreneur’s eye. Dig a bit deeper into the marketing magic and implement a few ideas, courtesy of the monstrosity that is the Super Bowl marketing machine!


Miss Kemya

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